About us

Now the principals of four individually managed and operated affiliated mushroom companies, Lou Caputo and Herb Guest had humble beginnings working for prominent mushroom growers of their teen years.  Their first business venture in 1977, with a little financial help from their parents, was the purchase of a small mushroom growing plant in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania consisting of 3 growing ‘doubles’.  This was their opportunity of a lifetime.  Over the years, continually leveraging profits and investing them back into operations, their business slowly and steadily expanded.

By 1990 they were managing 12 mushroom houses and a packaging / processing facility.  In the early 90’s, as the white mushroom business began to show signs of fierce competitiveness, they had the vision to venture into the then budding exotic mushroom business, growing initially shiitake and later oyster and maitake mushrooms.  Their constant focus on quality and efficiency continues to ensure KSS Sales’ strong industry presence. Keeping customer satisfaction always at the forefront, their efforts have resulted in the development of 5 successful business units, consisting of the following:

KSS Mushroom Sales

KSS Sales: Purveyor and exclusive distributor of mushrooms from our affiliate companies

Kennett Square Specialties: Shiitake mushrooms, logs, and specialty bags.
Caputo & Guest Mushrooms: Portabello and Crimini mushrooms.
Highland Oysters: Oyster Bags and Oyster Mushrooms.
KSS South: Fresh mushroom sales in the Fort Pierce, FL area.