King Oyster Mushrooms


King Oysters go by many names including Royal Trumpet, French Horn, Brown King and Boletus of the Steppes. The King Oyster is the largest of the oyster mushroom family. They are versatile in the kitchen. The stem is the main edible part of the king oyster. Chefs can utilize the cap, stem, or both in a variety of ways. It also has an excellent shelf life, which is a nice selling point for customers.


Our king oyster bags or royal trumpet logs, follow the same parameters as most of our products. You want to keep the king oyster bag in a cool grow room, between 58-62F. CO2 and humidity is up to the grower’s discretion, around 600-1200 ppm and over 80% humidity. Stem and cap size can be controlled using CO2 and humidity in this manner.

Upon receiving the king oyster bags, there may be small pins developed. If not, give the king oyster bag a few days until pins are visible. Once the grower has small size pins covering the top of the block, the plastic bag needs to be cut. Our farms keep 2-3 inches of plastic around the top of the king oyster block. This help keep humidity and CO2 slightly trapped on the surface of the log. The king oyster bag will produce only a single flush before the log can be composted.

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