Pioppino Mushrooms


Despite its brown color, Pioppino mushrooms are also known as Black Poplar. It’s one of our more unique products, leaving customers curious to taste. Be prepared to give cooking tips to any adventurous chefs. The pioppino has a very firm texture, and are popular in risotto, sauces and soups.


Pioppino bags produce the best results between 58-62F and 800-1000ppm CO2. High humidity to crucial and anything above 90% is recommened. Depending on what stage you receive the pioppino bag, it’s to remain closed and sealed until small pioppino pins are visible. At this point, the grower needs to cut the top half of the plastic pioppino bag. We use a line just below the pioppino bag filter patch as a guidline. Our pioppino bags will produce one flush of mushrooms.

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