Pom Pom Mushrooms

“Lion’s Mane”


The Pom Pom mushroom has a mild sweet taste, often described as a lobster substitute. Another one of our unique products, the pompom mushroom draws in adventurous foodies. It goes by many names, including Lion’s Mane and Old Man’s Beard, however we find pompom to be the more appetizing of the bunch.


Our Pom Pom bags generally follow the same set of rules as most of our exotic logs and blocks. The Pompom bag needs a cool temperature in the 60-62F range. CO2 levels need to be around 800ppm while maintaining 85%+ humidity. Our farmers will cut four slits (one on each side of the block). Within 7 to 10 days, fully developed Pom Pom mushrooms should be present. The number of holes cut will determine how many mushrooms are picked. However with each additional hole, potential pompom size is decreased. They should be picked while still a dull white color. If the grower waits too long, they turn a more beige color and become more water logged.

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